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TruthFinder Free Trial – Get Unlimited Reports – Only $1.00

Disclaimer: Information on TruthFinder trial offers may change. Visit the official website or contact customer service for current details.

The Answer is NO.TruthFinder doesn't offer a conventional free trial. Instead, it provides a 5-day trial for $1, allowing truhtfinder users to evaluate its services. Post-trial, users can opt for either 1 or 2-month membership plans. This $1 trial is a substitute for a free trial, offering a low-cost introduction to TruthFinder's features

Are you tired of sifting through a sea of misleading information about Truthfinder Free Trial? Look no further. After months of extensive testing and research, I can confidently say that Truthfinder’s doesn’t offer free trial

For just a single dollar, this special deal gives you unlimited access to a treasure trove of reports—be it background checks, people searches, or other public records. It’s a robust introduction to the platform’s capabilities, designed to provide you with comprehensive insights while safeguarding your privacy.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock a world of valuable information.

Truthfinder Free Trial: Quick Steps
Here’s a quick and easy guide to getting started with Truthfinder’s Special 5-Day Trial:
Click on the “Special 5-Day Trial Offer
Start by clicking on the special 5-Day Trial Offer link provided by Truthfinder. This will direct you to their promotional page.
Complete the Form
Fill out the signup form with your details. You’ll need to select a payment type, usually a credit card, to proceed. Once that’s done, hit the “Start My Free Trial” button to kick things off.
Cancel If Needed
Enjoy exploring the platform for 5 days. Remember, if you decide that Truthfinder isn’t for you, make sure to cancel your subscription within these 5 days to avoid getting charged the full membership fee of $29.89.

Trial Duration5 Days
Initial Cost$1 for 5 days
Renewal Cost$28.29
Payment Method RequiredCredit Card

TruthFinder Free Trial

Everything you need to know!

TruthFinder provides a trial period of five days allowing you to explore their website without any charges. If you choose to subscribe TruthFinder will begin charging after the trial period. However if you cancel within those five days you can continue using the website for free. In case you encounter any difficulties, with the website feel free to reach out to TruthFinder customer support at (800) 699. 8081.

During TruthFinder trial period you’ll have access to their services without any cost for a duration of five days. This time frame allows you to thoroughly explore their website and familiarize yourself with all the features and services they offer. Additionally you can utilize the trial period to conduct searches within TruthFinder database of people records. Take advantage of this opportunity with TruthFinder trial. Discover what valuable information lies beneath the surface using their powerful tools!

By following our instructions you’ll have access to everything that Truthfinder offers throughout their five day free trial period, at absolutely no charge! So be sure not to miss out on this opportunity provided by TruthFinder trial before it expires. Begin your journey today by initiating your Truthfinder trial and start searching for those individuals who hold significance in your life!

How Can I Get TruthFinder 5 day Trial in 2023?

TruthFinder provides a 5 day trial period giving you the opportunity to test the service before committing to any payment plan. Once you sign up TruthFinder grants you access to their range of services for five days. During this time you can explore their public records search engine and comprehensive background report feature.

Should you find TruthFinder to be suitable, for your needs your trial period will seamlessly transition into a paid membership. Rest assured that no charges will be applied until after the trial period ends. There is no need to worry about any payments.

Step 1: Go to TruthFinder

Truthfinder Free Trial & Reports 2022 - (Claim FREE Reports Now!)

Step 2: Put the details of the person you’re curious about, and click on search.

TruthFinder People Search Reverse Phone Lookup Address Lookup 1

Step 3: Now, select the gender that they identify with.

TruthFinder People Search Reverse Phone Lookup Address Lookup 2

Step 4: Further, answer a few questions regarding your target person for accurate results.

Searching for Nasuh Wasif in OR TruthFinder

Step 5: Now, Truthfinder will present you with a few possible search results, and you have to select one that could be your target person.

Step 6: Once you do that, put in your details—so, TruthFinder will mail the results to you.

Searching for John Ali in New Jersey TruthFinder 1
Searches Behind Every Report

Step 7: Now, click on the green button that says, continue to report.

Sign Up For A TruthFinder Background Check

Step 8: Further, click on the agree and continue button.

And currently, if there is any special offer going on then that window will open as well. 

Sign Up For A TruthFinder Background Check payment
Truthfinder Checkout Page

Step 9: Click on the green button that says take me to my special offer.

Step 9: Click on the green button that says take me to my special offer.

Step 10: Once you click on the green button, it will further take you to another window; there, too, they will ask you to unlock their special offer.

Step 10: Once you click on the green button, it will further take you to another window, there too, they will ask you to unlock their special offer.

Step 11: Now, fill in your account information and also choose a medium of payment.

Step 11: Now, fill in your account information and also choose a medium of payment.

Step 12: Finally, fill in your card details and click on the checkout button.

Step 12: Finally, fill in your card details and click on the checkout button.

And there you go! You have availed of your 5 days free trial on TruthFinder.

However, note that- make sure, you cancel your subscription within 5 days, else you will have to pay for your subscription.

How Long Does the Truthfinder Free Trial Last?

How Long Does the Truthfinder Free Trial Last?

The Truthfinder $1 Trial lasts for a special 5-day period, during which you can access unlimited reports for just $1.00. Yes, you read that right—only a single dollar unlocks all the features of this robust people search engine for nearly a week.

This special offer is designed to give you ample time to dive deep into the service and explore all its functionalities, from background checks to criminal records and more. However, it’s crucial to note that if you don’t cancel before the 5-day trial concludes, your full membership will kick in and you’ll be charged $29.89. The service will continue to renew every 30 days at the same rate until you choose to cancel it.

How Do I Cancel My Truthfinder Free Trial?


Cancel Truthfinder Online

To cancel online simply go to the Membership Settings page in your Account section on the dashboard. Look for the option to cancel your membership and follow the prompts. You’ll receive a confirmation email after cancellation.


Cancel Truthfinder Over the Phone

If you prefer speaking with someone you can call Truthfinder customer care department at (855) 921 3711 during their operating hours from 7;00 a.m. To 4;00 p.m. PT, Monday, to Friday (excluding holidays). Provide them with your account information. They will assist you in terminating your membership. You’ll receive a confirmation email within an hour of the phone call.

After cancelling your Truthfinder subscription please note that your account will remain active until the end of your billing cycle. If you happen to cancel between billing periods you will be billed for the cycle.

How Does TruthFinder Work?

TruthFinder is a platform that offers information, about individuals residing in the United States. It caters to those who’re curious or have suspicions about someone.

Curious about how it all works? Well simply visit TruthFinder. Input the details of the person you’re interested in. For results make sure to provide their name, city and state of residence.

Once you initiate the search the website generates a report containing types of information. This includes their social media activity, contact details and notably any records they may have. You even have the option to download this report.

Now lets explore the two methods for accessing this information.

The first method is through the background search feature. With this feature all you need to do is enter your targets name and let the website take care of the rest. It gathers information from a range of web sources.

Additionally TruthFinder also retrieves data, from databases to provide you with more comprehensive results.
In order for that to happen the person you’re targeting must have their freedom of information act made public.

Another method of accessing their information is, through the reverse phone lookup feature. When you use this feature simply input your targets phone number. The website will provide you with their available records, from social media.

Rest assured that your detective skills won’t be detected because the platform is completely secure and won’t raise any flags for your target.

However it’s important to note that while TruthFinder itself is not illegal using it with intentions and crossing boundaries by invading someone’s privacy could lead to trouble.

Truthfinder Features and Benefits

TruthFinder is a service that allows you to conduct background checks and search, for people. It provides information about individuals giving you access to records such as criminal history, family members, contact details, location history, social media accounts and even financial assets. If you’re hesitant about committing to TruthFinder they also offer a $1 trial for users to test out the service. Here are some of the advantages of using TruthFinder;

Extensive Record Access.

TruthFinder utilizes billions of data sources to ensure up to date information. This includes court documents, arrest records, marriage certificates, property ownership records and other public documents.

Convenient Search.

With TruthFinder user search engine finding individuals becomes quick and precise. You can search by name, phone number, address or email address to gather background information.

TruthFinder $1 Trial.

To help users make a decision before subscribing to TruthFinder services they provide a $1 trial option. During this trial period users can access records for a duration.

Secure Connections.

Maintaining user privacy is paramount, for TruthFinder. They employ servers and encryption technology to ensure that all user data remains safe while using their services.
This ensures that only people who have been given permission can access the information collected by TruthFinder.

Transparency is important, to TruthFinder.

They provide users with a privacy policy so they can understand how their data is being used.

These features show that TruthFinder is a trustworthy and secure background check service for individuals seeking information, about someone. With the trial offered by TruthFinder users have the opportunity to explore its services.

How much does TruthFinder cost?

Membership TypeMonthly PriceFeatures Included
People Search$28.05/moUnlimited Person Reports, Location Reports, Phone Reports, Email Reports, and More
Reverse Phone Lookup$4.99/moUnlimited Phone Reports
Reverse Email Lookup$29.73/moUnlimited Email Reports

Truthfinder provides a variety of membership options tailored to meet your needs. They offer a range of services to deeply investigate someones background. One of their membership plans is the Bi Monthly plan, which costs $28.05, per month and includes person reports, location reports, phone reports and email reports. Additionally you can access media profiles, criminal records and employment history. If you need searches there are options available as well.

For example the Reverse Phone Lookup plan is priced at $4.99 per month while the Reverse Email Lookup plan costs $29.73 per month. Both plans offer reports within their categories. It’s worth noting that Truthfinder occasionally provides promotional or Non Standard Membership Plans with varying rates and features.

These plans can also be further customized with the help of Truthfinder Customer Care team. So whether you require background checks or specific information such as phone numbers or email addresses Truthfinder has a plan, for your needs.

Is Truthfinder safe? Does it work? Is it fake or just a scam?

Truthfinder is completely safe and legitimate to use. TruthFinder operates by conducting background checks, on individuals using a range of records and data sources including criminal records, property records, court documents, marriage/divorce records births/deaths records and more. The information retrieved by TruthFinder is kept private and secure providing you with confidence in the accuracy of its reports. Moreover TruthFinder also offers a 5 day trial for those who may have reservations about subscribing to its services.

If you still have doubts regarding the legitimacy or effectiveness of TruthFinder I encourage you to give it a try today! Take advantage of TruthFinder $1 Trial offer. Gain access to its database without spending any money. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – begin your TruthFinder $1 Trial and unlock a wealth of valuable information with just a few clicks.

Rest assured that with the convenience of Truthfinder 5 day trial offer you can be confident, in both its safety and effectiveness. So don’t hesitate any longer – seize the opportunity to experience TruthFinder trial today! Begin your TruthFinder trial now and instantly access their extensive database to effortlessly uncover all the information you need about someone.

TruthFinder: Do we recommend it?

Certainly TruthFinder is a service, for conducting background checks. We highly recommend it to individuals seeking comprehensive information about others. By taking advantage of TruthFinder $1 trial users can access a number of records for a specific period before making a decision regarding their subscription, to the platform.

Final Verdict!

If you’re searching for accurate and trustworthy background check information TruthFinder is an option. Their user friendly interface along, with access to over 13 billion records and secure data encryption provides users with the tools to uncover the truth.

TruthFinder offers subscription plans ranging from $1 to $29.89 per month. Additionally they have a Truthfinder special deal offer that gives you five days of access for $1!

Don’t miss out on signing up Truthfinder today and taking advantage of the Truthfinder $1 special offer. With their extensive background check information you can have peace of mind knowing that all the facts are right, at your fingertips!

Truthfinder Free Trial FAQs

What is included in the 5 day trial offer?

For a fee of $1 you can run premium reports. This means you have the freedom to conduct background checks and people searches as you want obtaining detailed information such, as criminal records, employment history and more.

What are the payment terms for the 5 day trial?

It’s important to review the details. If you fail to cancel your Truthfinder trial within those 5 days your membership will automatically convert to a subscription. This means your account will be charged $29.89 and this amount will recur every 30 days until you choose to cancel.

Will my account remain private during the trial period?

Rest assured, protecting your privacy is a priority, for Truthfinder. Your searches and viewed reports are completely confidential. No one will ever find out that you’ve conducted a search on them giving you peace of mind while using our service.

What payment options are available, for the trial?

You can choose between PayPal. Using a credit/debit card to pay for the trial. Simply select the option that works best for you during the process.

Are there any limitations on how I can utilize the information?

Yes there are restrictions. You are prohibited from using the information obtained from Truthfinder for purposes like consumer credit assessments, employment screenings, insurance eligibility evaluations, tenant screenings or any other activities that would require compliance, with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). It’s important to remember that Truthfinder is not a consumer reporting agency when using their services.

TruthFinder Free Trial – Get Unlimited Reports – Only $1.00
TruthFinder Free Trial – Get Unlimited Reports – Only $1.00

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