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Get Intelius Free Trial Account & Report – Access’s Report for only $0.95!


Intelius does not offer a free trial, contrary to what some people may say. A free background check from Intelius is likely not reliable or complete. Intelius does offer different subscription plans that provide you with access to full background checks, but Intelius does not have a free trial option. Intelius offers detailed and accurate reports, so consumers can be sure they are getting the information they need. If you are looking for reliable and comprehensive background check services, Intelius is an excellent choice. You can easily sign up for Intelius services and begin searching right away.

Be wary of anyone offering an Intelius free trial as it is likely an attempt to scam you or steal your personal information. Protect yourself by only using Intelius’s official website for any kind of service or product purchase related to Intelius.

This way, you can be sure that all your data is secure and your personal information is safe. Intelius is committed to providing quality services and products, and their fraud protection system ensures that all customers are secure when using Intelius.

Why Doesn’t Intelius Provide Free Trials?

Intelius doesn’t offer free trials because they believe that members will be much more satisfied with an ad-free and easily accessible platform when doing important searches. Furthermore, Intelius invests a lot of time and resources into ensuring that their reports are accurate and up to date with the latest information. Developing such an effective search platform takes money, which is why we have opted for a subscription model rather than offering free trials.

Ultimately, Intelius provides its members with accurate and easy-to-navigate reports without having to bombard them with irrelevant ads. they strive to offer the best service possible and that includes not sacrificing quality for “free trials” or cheap search results. Intelius believes that members should be able to trust their searches, so they keep their focus on providing accurate and timely information as opposed to free or discounted services.

When it comes to public records, Intelius guarantees the best experience for its members.

How Do I Get Genuine Intelius free trial in 2023

Get Intelius Free Trial Account & Report - Access 's Report for only $0.95!

Before starting the free trial, let’s learn some significant facts about it first. Intelius’s “free” trial isn’t entirely free. For new users, they offer a 5-day trial for $0.95. You can use their services an unlimited number of times during the Intelius Free trial period.

Therefore, there would be no limits on resources.
Unlimited resources for five days at $1.99 sounds like a decent deal.

During this period, you can check their services as often as you want, and you won’t miss out on any benefits included in the membership.

Step 1 : Click Here Activate Intelius Free Trial Offer

Step 2 : Go straight to the Intelius Free Trial Offer 

Step 3: Click on the offer to select. 

Step 4: Scroll down to enter your details to sign up.

image 15

Step 5: On scrolling further down, you see the payment section. Choose your preferred mode of payment and then click on “Start My Trial”. 

image 16

Step 6: Complete the transaction process by entering your payment information. 

Congratulations! You have successfully claimed your Intelius trial. 

How to Cancel Intelius Free Trial?

If you would like to cancel your Intelius free trial before the end of your 5-day period, please call (888) 245-1655 between the hours of 7am and 4pm Pacific Monday – Friday (except holidays). You can also log in to your account dashboard to cancel online any time.

Upon cancellation, all charges related to your trial will be reversed. Please note that if you do not cancel during the trial period, your full membership will automatically begin and you will be charged $29.63 for 30 days of service.

Why I Should Try Intelius?

Intelius is a background research app based in Seattle, Washington. It started in 2003 and has been in this business for 18 years.

It’s a leading public records company that allows you to find details about a person that is usually difficult to come across.

With Intelius, you can discover several facts about a person you barely know just by their name.

For example, you can find out what property they own, if they have any criminal history, or even their phone number!

All the information you get from Intelius is just public record collected from different sources.

They are not selling any private information. Thus, it is completely legal.

Intelius respects your privacy – the person you’re searching for is never notified that you searched for their background report. All your searches are protected with a 256-bit encrypted connection!

If you’re still not sure if Intelius is worth it, don’t worry – they offer a trial so you can try it before buying it!

Intelius: Features

Intelius is a website that has been around for a long time. Millions of people use it because it is a great resource for finding information. With one membership, you can do an unlimited number of searches and find information like criminal records or mugshots. The information you get is 100% accurate and comes from trusted sources.

You can also call customer service or email them with questions. Intelius has a variety of information available, including phone numbers, addresses, school/college names, criminal history, sexual offenses, weapons permits, bankruptcies etc. Intelius is a fantastic resource for anyone who needs to find out information about someone else. It’s easy to use, secure and reliable. With Intelius, you can get the accurate info you need quickly and safely.

How Much Does Intelius Cost?

Intelius offers a variety of plans to meet the needs of any individual or business. All plans are billed on a monthly basis and include access to Intelius’ reverse phone lookup, people search and address lookup services.

The Basic People Search Plan starts at $24.86/mo with discounted rates available for bi-monthly billing cycles ($21.13/mo). The Plus People Search Plan costs $34.95/mo and includes access to Intelius’ reverse phone lookup service, plus additional features such as personal information searches, background checks and more.

For those who want to try out Intelius before making a commitment, the company also offers two trial periods. With the Reverse Phone Lookup + People Search Plan, users can try out the service for 6 days at a cost of only $0.95. With the Address Lookup + People Search Plan, users can trial the service for 7 days at a cost of $0.95. After the trial periods expire, monthly billing will begin automatically unless cancelled within the allotted time frame.

Overall, Intelius is an affordable and reliable way to access personal information quickly and conveniently. The company’s various plans offer great value for money with quality services that are sure to keep customers satisfied. Customers can choose from a variety of payment options including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal Credit.

How good is Intelius’ customer support?

Intelius provides good customer support. You can reach them by phone or email.Their customer executives are available on call Monday-Friday from 7 am – 5 pm PST. They offer helpful, fast and friendly service. If you have any issues with your Intelius product or account, they are available to help you out.

They also provide tutorials in their FAQ section to help users get the most out of their Intelius account. With this great customer support, Intelius is sure to make your experience with them as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Where does Intelius gather information from?

Intelius gathers data from public records and other sources such as tax assessors, courthouses, state and federal agencies, proprietary data sources, and more. Intelius provides a free trial so that you can try out their services before committing to a purchase.

During the Intelius Free Trial period you will have access to Intelius’s reports which include information on background checks, people searches, reverse phone look-ups, criminal records and much more. Intelius also offers an opt-out service for those who don’t want their information included in Intelius’s databases.

Is Intelius worth your money?

Intelius offers a wide range of data and services that can help you find out more about people, businesses, marriages, divorces, criminal records and much more. Intelius has a free trial period for new customers so you can try it out before committing to a paid plan. Intelius provides accurate results quickly using its extensive database of public records and it is easy to use.

Intelius also offers a range of tools to help you find the information you need, including access to court and marriage records, background checks and more. With Intelius’ free trial, it’s easy to see if Intelius is worth your money.


Q: If this information is public, why are they costing money?

Many public records, too, are difficult to procure.
Intelius first buy the information, and then they give it to us. Giving them out for free would put them out of business.

Q: Can I avail of Intelius free trial without giving my credit card details?

Unfortunately, the Intelius free trial is not free and costs $1.99 for seven days. Therefore, you need to give your card details to get it.. 

Q: What is Intelius Free Trial ?

Intelius Free Trial is a service offered by Intelius, Inc. that provides access to their comprehensive background check and public record search services for a limited time. The Intelius Free Trial allows customers to explore Intelius’ databases of billions of records and find the information they need in minutes. Intelius also offers additional services such as identity protection, financial monitoring, and more.

Q: How long does the Intelius Free Trial last?

In 2022, Intellus’ free trial period lasts 7 days. During this time you will be able to access all the features Intelius has to offer while receiving full customer support from their team of experts.

Q: What information is available with Intelius Free Trial?

Intelius’ free trial offers access to the same databases Intelius users can access when they pay for a subscription. You’ll be able to search billions of public records for people, businesses, property, court records and more during the Intelius Free Trial period.

Q: Is Intelius Free Trial secure?

Absolutely. Intelius takes security and privacy seriously, so all Intelius services are protected by industry-leading encryption protocols. The Intelius Free Trial also includes identity protection services from Experian that helps protect your personal data from potential fraud or identity theft.

Q: Can I sign up for Intelius Free Trial more than once?

No, Intelius does not allow users to have multiple free trial periods within a single year. You are only allowed one Intelius Free Trial per year, so make sure you get the most out of it!

We hope this helps answer your questions about Intelius Free Trial in 2023! If you have any additional questions or need help getting started, Intelius customer support is available 24/7 to assist.

Final Verdict

Intelius offers a free trial period of 7 days to new customers. During this period, users are able to search their Intelius database and access people search results for free. Intelius also provides background checks for an additional fee. Intelius’ free trial is short but can be helpful if you need to quickly look up someone or check out basic information about a person. Intelius allows users to cancel anytime during the trial, so there is no risk involved in trying it out.

Overall, Intelius’ free trial is a great option for those who only need short-term access to the Intelius database and don’t intend on using its services long-term. It is quick, easy and reliable and provides users with a basic overview of Intelius’ functions.

There is no harm in trying it out and Intelius offers a money-back guarantee, so you can be sure that if you don’t like the service or find it too costly for your budget, you can get your money back. All in all, Intelius Free Trial is worth giving a try!

Get Intelius Free Trial Account & Report – Access’s Report for only $0.95!
Get Intelius Free Trial Account & Report – Access’s Report for only $0.95!

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