Does BeenVerified Cost Money to Use? Analyzing the Expenses

Hello there, dear readers! Today, we’re diving into the intriguing world of background checks. If you’ve ever wondered about your new neighbor, a potential date, or even an old friend you reconnected with online, you’ve probably considered using a service like BeenVerified.

This nifty platform promises to help you uncover public records, contact information, and much more about pretty much anyone! But, as with most good things in life, these services aren’t free. So, the question we’re tackling today is, “Does BeenVerified cost money to use?” Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on an in-depth analysis of BeenVerified and the expenses involved.

Stick around, this could save you some serious dough and offer peace of mind in this ever-connected world we live in!

PlanReports Per MonthCostAdditional Benefits
1-Week TrialLimited Access$1 for the trial weekAllows access to limited report types, ideal for exploring the platform’s capabilities
1-Month Membership100 Reports$26.89/monthFull access to all report types including contact information, phone lookups, email lookups, address lookups, criminal records. Notification of report changes. Access to customer support.
3-Month Membership100 Reports$17.48/month ($52.44 billed today)All benefits of 1-Month Membership with a lower average monthly cost, making it a more economical choice for long-term users


  1. Prices are before applicable sales tax.
  2. All plans auto-renew at the end of the term unless cancelled.
  3. Membership can be cancelled at any time by calling 1-866-885-6480 or by emailing [email protected].
  4. BeenVerified offers a satisfaction guarantee and will provide assistance or offer a refund if a user is dissatisfied with their search results.
  5. The trial converts into a monthly subscription if not cancelled before the end of the week.

Unraveling the Costs: Does BeenVerified Cost Money?

Does BeenVerified Cost Money to Use? Analyzing the Expenses

BeenVerified operates on a subscription-based model. For the first week, you can use the platform at a minimal cost of $1. Once this trial period ends, a monthly fee of $26.89 is applicable.

BeenVerified also offers a value plan – a three-month membership costing $52.44, which effectively reduces your monthly expense to $17.48, saving you about 35% compared to the standard monthly plan. Both these plans allow you to run up to 100 reports per month.

Apart from these direct costs, BeenVerified seems to have no hidden charges. However, applicable sales tax will be added to your bills, depending on your location.

What are you Paying for on BeenVerified?

Your BeenVerified membership provides access to a host of services, including background reports, contact information, phone, email, and address lookups, criminal records, and faster searching capabilities.

BeenVerified essentially simplifies the process of obtaining public records, which aren’t always free. They pay for expensive bulk data to provide you with affordable, organized, and easily accessible reports. You also get the bonus benefit of being notified when reports change, helping you stay updated on critical information.

Is BeenVerified Worth the Cost?

To answer this question, we need to delve deeper into user testimonials and reviews. These invaluable insights from real users illustrate the many ways in which BeenVerified is being used.

One user was thrilled at the prospect of finding long-lost contacts, another was happy with how affordable the service was, and yet another was pleasantly surprised by the comprehensive nature of the information available. There are numerous such testimonials from customers who have used BeenVerified’s services and found value in their offerings.

The cost-benefit analysis of BeenVerified can be subjective, hinging primarily on how frequently you need to access public records and the degree of detail required. Suppose you are an employer who regularly needs to vet prospective employees. Or perhaps you are a landlord who needs to conduct background checks on potential tenants. In these scenarios, the benefits of a comprehensive background check service like BeenVerified are likely to far outweigh the cost.

Is there a Free Version of BeenVerified?

While BeenVerified does offer a one-week trial at a nominal cost of $1, they don’t seem to provide a completely free version of their service. The trial period allows you to explore the platform’s features before fully committing to a monthly or quarterly subscription.

How to Save Money on BeenVerified

The best way to save money on BeenVerified is to opt for their 3-month membership plan, which is significantly cheaper than the monthly plan. Keep an eye out for promotional discounts, which may offer additional savings. Also, remember to cancel your subscription if you no longer need the service to avoid unnecessary charges.

Understanding BeenVerified

BeenVerified is an advanced background check service that offers an array of public records at your fingertips. But what does this really entail? To understand this, we need to explore the breadth of services BeenVerified provides.

Contact information: BeenVerified provides contact information associated with the individual in question. This can include phone numbers, email addresses, and current and past residential addresses.

Criminal records: One of the main attractions of BeenVerified is its comprehensive criminal records check. This can provide an overview of a person’s criminal history, including convictions, arrests, court records, and more.

Email lookups: This feature allows users to find associated social media profiles, websites, and even dating profiles linked to an email address.

Phone lookups: By using this service, users can find out who owns a particular phone number. This is particularly useful when dealing with unknown numbers or potential spam callers.

BeenVerified offers these and many other services, making it a one-stop solution for background checks. Individuals might use BeenVerified for various reasons – ensuring personal safety, verifying online dating profiles, finding lost relatives, conducting tenant checks, etc. Depending on your requirements, BeenVerified could serve as a valuable tool.

The Importance of Background Checks in Today’s World

Background checks are an integral part of our safety-conscious society. In an age where online interactions have surged, the need for reliable background checks has increased exponentially. Be it personal interactions, professional engagements, or online dating – background checks help instill confidence and assure safety.

Platforms like BeenVerified democratize access to public records and simplify background checks. Not only do they make background checks more accessible, but they also make them comprehensive and straightforward to understand.

Making the Most of BeenVerified

Making the most out of BeenVerified is all about leveraging the comprehensive services that the platform provides. Apart from running routine background checks, BeenVerified can help identify spam callers, vet potential dates, or even aid in the research of your family tree. Its diverse capabilities can save you money and provide significant benefits beyond the cost.

Moreover, industry experts suggest regular usage of the service to make it more cost-effective. As the platform allows up to 100 reports per month, frequent usage can help ensure you are extracting maximum value from your subscription.

Free Alternatives to BeenVerified

While BeenVerified offers a wide array of services, there are other platforms that provide similar features, potentially at a lesser cost, or even free. However, it’s crucial to remember that “free” services often have their limitations.

For instance, WhitePages offers a directory-like service for searching public records but lacks in-depth information. Spokeo, another similar service, also provides anoption for public record searches but has been noted to have outdated or inaccurate information at times. PeekYou is an option for people searching but does not provide the same depth of detail as BeenVerified.

When comparing the cost of using BeenVerified with these free alternatives, it is crucial to consider the value and accuracy of the information provided. If a background check yields outdated or incorrect details, the “savings” could prove costly in the long run.


In summary, BeenVerified does come at a cost, but it offers comprehensive services that could be of immense value depending on your specific needs. As with any service, its true worth will depend on how much you utilize it and what you’re hoping to get out of it.

Have you ever used BeenVerified or a similar service? If so, we would love to hear about your experiences. Is it worth the cost in your view?

Frequently Asked Questions About BeenVerified and its Pricing

What is the cost of BeenVerified?

BeenVerified offers a 1-week trial for $1, followed by a monthly subscription cost of $26.89. A 3-month membership is available for $52.44.

Is there a limit on how many reports I can run with BeenVerified?

Yes, both the monthly and 3-month memberships limit you to running 100 reports per month.

Are there any hidden costs?

There don’t seem to be any hidden costs, but remember, applicable sales tax will be added to your membership fees.

How do I cancel my BeenVerified membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by calling 1-866-885-6480 or by emailing [email protected].

Can I get a refund if I’m dissatisfied with BeenVerified?

5.Yes, BeenVerified offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your search results, they promise to assist you further or offer a refund.

Is BeenVerified worth the cost?

This depends on your needs. If you frequently require access to public records and background information, BeenVerified can be a valuable tool.

Are there free alternatives to BeenVerified?

Yes, there are several free alternatives like WhitePages, Spokeo, and PeekYou. However, their offerings may not be as comprehensive or easy to use as BeenVerified’s services.

Is there a free trial for BeenVerified?

BeenVerified offers a 1-week trial at a nominal cost of $1.
Remember, while the costs associated with platforms like BeenVerified may seem unnecessary at a glance, they often provide services and conveniences that free alternatives cannot match. Always analyze your needs before deciding which service to use.

What is the response time for BeenVerified’s queries?

BeenVerified aims to deliver results within a few seconds or minutes, although some searches may take longer based on the complexity and quantity of the information sought.

Does BeenVerified provide international background checks?

While BeenVerified primarily focuses on data within the United States, it can provide some international information, especially related to contact details and social media accounts.
Remember, in the end, the costs associated with platforms like BeenVerified are an investment in assurance, safety, and peace of mind. While free services might be tempting, consider the value and breadth of data you need before making your decision.

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